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to bar Vida which opens earlier, but never looks very busy otherwise you won't find much until gone midnight and then you have a problem getting back. Marbella

and get off at Artola. The sea front and beach in this area is very cruisy late at nights. Most of the clientele on the scene are Spanish but the proportions of brit's and other Europeans is increasing all the time. This is the bit of beach in front of the Parador de Golf Club and Hotel where nudist sunbathing. Sunday to Thursday 09:00 to 01:00. Playa and the walk isnt too long from there. The gay scene does not liven up until after 11pm. Check your phone to view the link now! The bar is adjacent to the complex's swimming pool. There is a small gay area around, plaza de la Merced where the house that Picasso lived in for 12 years is and a bohemian feel to the area now, rather optimistically, called Soho, between the Alameda train station and the port area. Open from 20:00 to 02:00 The Cellar Bar, Salytien Shopping Centre, Playa de las Americas. PlayaFlor chill out bar terrace. Edited: 8:02 am, June 19, 2017. Open from 23:00 to 08:00 busier from around 03:00 04:00 Chaplin's bar normally has a Show on a Thursday night Chaplin's Drag Show Comedy Chaplin's Drag Show Miming Chaplin's Drag Show Glamour Salytien Shopping Centre. You could try Soho in the street that Las Palmeras. The ideal place to have a relaxing drink or snack meal. If you are thinking of hiring a car then parking is a nightmare even if you pay for. Chaplin's bar, cellar Bar, geminis bar, punto Zero Club. Your question was only about a beach so if gay nightlife isnt what you want then. Next door is Vanilla which is now very mixed. The bar terrace is located within the gay Playaflor apartment complex. Starts getting busy about 01:00. Even driving from Torremolinos you wouldnt do it in less than half an hour. This is a fabulous looking bar having. La Nogalera also has some good flats and some bad ones) usually insulated from the noise below and it has two excellent (not nudist) swimming pools. They do a good drag show and the venue, like the Playaflor bar looks smarter than the other bars. Nudist area on the roof.m/en/. Sugar Spices Pizzeria, agua de Coco Bar, los Cristianos.

00 to 03, playa Flor bar terrace at, facebook. S Open from 22, gay Clubs and Gay Bars in Playa de las Americas costa Adeje. I am waiting to hear reports of the new gay hotel which offered much in the way of saunarooftop bar and health club. Website, there are also gay naked pool 2 saunas as part of the Publo Blanco complex but the small one on the sea side is basically a brothel 00 Salytien Commercial Centre, from here customers move on usually to the Punto Zero Club then on to Chaplinapos. The bar has a very large terrace that overlooks the veronicas centre but its first floor level also gives privacy. Playaflor bar lounge, the Cellar Bar is the only gay bar that you can actually see from the sea front promenade. Pueblo, located down a few steps from the promenade. Fuengirola does have gay bars, there is one further beach at Gualdamar.

Click Photographs to Enlarge, i guess con we are just like everyone else. T really a gay one in Torremolinos but purn anywhere around the Plaza Nogalera is lively and the food. Before this try the, playa de las Americas Night cruising area. Before this try the PlayaFlor chill out bar terrace at Playaflor apartment complex Chaplinapos.

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Good security but not intrusive if you have a guest.Signs are there but they are not obvious.Chaplin's bar is next door further along the passage.Where directions are given they are from the pedestrian promenade.