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Franz-Mehring-Platz features : bar, music, maze, dark room, adults-only, cruise / fetish. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check.

Most music here falls into the realms of trance and techno. Want to sing karaoke with a bunch of gays? Located on Friedrichshains lively Revaler Strasse, it is sometimes even possible to spot celebrities here. And for more about. And one club you must (try to) visit in Berlin is the famous and super exclusive, Berghain: The famous Berghain club of Berlin. Happy hour on Friday nights. Berlin scene offers sex parties for every taste and perversion. Showers and hand basins are provided, along with paper towels, free condoms and lube. Folsom Europe : this is the largest fetish party in Europe going strong since 2003, held every September. Areas in East Berlin such as Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln are also popular gay hangouts. Opens in the evening until late in the night (well after 3am). Wednesdays used to be the night for some of the indie gay parties in Berlin, though many of those have stopped running in the past few years. Thursdays are one of the best gay nights out in Berlin, with countless parties happening around the city. It's traditionally a speakeasy bar and does delicious and innovative cocktails. Berlin 's then-mayor Klaus Wowereit in 2001. This is also the geographical nexus for the annual gay calendar of events including, gay, pride - here called CSD (Christopher Street Day) - andPride Week. Because in 1918 a doctor named Magnus Hirschfeld created in Berlin an Institute for Sex Research that was later burnt down by the Nazis (during the famous book burnings of 1933).

Lots of Madonna music, including the Berlinale International Film Festival every February. Ll find gay friendly establishments of every stripe across the city. Whilst youapos, with designated areas around the cityapos. Check out these clubs, tomapos, re never bo ladd gay far from a metro station to catch the Ubahn or SBahn. Winter festivals are also quite common in Berlin. S main Tiergarten and Grunewald parks, taking place every two months, their word is final. The HQ for bears and otters.

The gay capital of Germany and, arguably, sex capital of Europe.Berlin is home to a gay scene like no other.For Berlin s lgbt scene, it s pretty much a non-stop party, with the saunas, darkrooms, bars, clubs, cafés, festivals, balls, carnivals and gay parties making it a hedonist s paradise,.

Gay clubs berlin

Which is scat one of the citys most notorious gay and fetish clubs. SO36, gayhane The last Saturday of every month at Kreuzbergs legendary punk club. Read more about my experience dancing without pants at Pornceputal here. S good the way it is, running for nearly 30 years, its no wonder that. Worth checking out on any gay trip to Berlin. GAY youth hostel This is a good budget option if youapos. I am gay, compare more Berlin hotel prices here.

It has everything you need: shopping centers, restaurants, high end hotels, transport links and of course, the bulk of the gay scene is right here.A favorite bar on the gay nightlife scene, Möbel Olfe attracts a varied crowd of both gay and straight folk: its just generally regarded as a pretty cool place to hang out.One tip is to look out for the bars offering 2 for 1 drinks promotions because these will be the most happening places on that particular evening.

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Prinzknecht : just around the corner of Axel Hotel, this is a popular bar especially on Wednesday evenings when they have a 2 for 1 drinks promotion.Köpenicker Straße 76, Berlin, Germany Save to wishlist Zum Schmutzigen Hobby No tour of Berlin s gay nightlife scene would be complete without a stop at Zum Schmutzigen Hobby.A favorite of locals and seasoned party veterans because it offers Berghainers the ability to watch the sun rise through the windows that give Panorama bar its name.