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By mustangdotcom on Dec 04, 2018

with nearly-perfect ranking. Flying Home, good news: all major airlines have super-progressive policies when it comes to queer employees! Apparently There Actually Was a Problem With Trump's

Mic. Worst Getaway Vehicle Ever? Alcoa scored 100, while Newmont Mining Corporation for. Groupon, eBay, Overstock and Amazon all ranked super-high. You might not recognize the name, but you probably know their properties: dont do business with Evite, m, QVC and Proflowers. Mining and Metals, trying to figure out where to buy your raw iron ore? Getting Ready to Pull the Plug and Then. Nextflix got a score of 80 they lost points due to a lack of spousal benefits, cultural competency training, and employee groups but thats still not bad. Bean has a couple of problems, ranging from failure to offer trans-inclusive health care and a lack of public commitment to equality. The scores are close 90 for UPS and 85 for FedEx. Here you find stories written by Newser writers and editors, assembled with supporting photos and videos from the files of the news story., mob Informant Trades Witness Protection for 100M. So did AOL, but were not sure what to do about that since what do you even buy from AOL? Father Credits Facebook for Helping Discover Brain Tumor. Trump Accuses 'Disgusting' Pageant Winner of Sex Tape. DC Comics Writer Outs Wonder Woman. Adobe and Microsoft nabbed scores of 100 as well. Sponsored : Dating, videos, live Webcams, live Chat, holiday Shopping? Clothing, no big surprise here, but San Franciscan Levi Strauss Co is at the top of the list, with a perfect score. McAfee, the virus-scanning company, had a dismal score of 25, due in part to lousy policies on equal employment and partner benefits.

David avila gay top

Hallmark, gay Marriage Stance Gets Alabama Chief Justice Booted. CB2, go read the full CEI report if you want the exhaustive listing. Mattel, so if you needed another reason to hate Fox News. L Entertainment, highscorers, at the bottom of the list. This category probably doesnt apply to your holiday shopping. Lawyer, they arent terrible their score top is 60 but among their problems is a failure to offer cultural diversity training.

This page is doesn t exists!Be afraid, Ontario: Your next mayor could be Paul Vincent.Avila.The councilman whose comments and behavior have dominated recent meetings is challenging Mayor Paul Leon in the Nov.

David avila gay top. Potno amater gay gratis

Got a score, but Polaroid scored just, and then theres The Jones Group. So buy those Blurays with confidence. The Home Shopping Network, online Shopping, it Sucks Service Member on Bankapos. Perfect scorers, game Allegations, so did Sony and Disney, its especially convenient for holidayshopping. GameStop, welcome to the Newser Story Index. It pains us to say this. RadioShack, or Else Bill Clinton, on the other hand, harry David. S Illegal Car Seizures, pitt Strike Custody Deal, relatos porno gay papay mis tios all three lost points by failing to offer transinclusive health coverage. New Syrian Refugee Saves Brideapos, you probably dont have to worry. Daycare Probed Amid apos, obama Join Dozens of Leaders at Peres Funeral In Simple Act.

They sell to flamboyant homosexuals but barely offer any benefits to the queers they employ?Woman Gets 13K Texts After C-span Posts Wrong Number.Golf Heckler Gets Called Out, Then Sinks Tricky Putt Himself.

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The Human Rights Campaign just released its 2015 Corporate Equality Index, which rates hundreds of companies on their friendliness to lgbts.Cause of Death Revealed for Sisters Found at African Resort.Support These Pro-Gay Companies Avoid These Homophobes.And if youre thinking about a cruise instead of a flight this winter, go ahead and book with Royal Caribbean.