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Sunday, December 26, 1999, saturday, December 25, 1999, friday, December 24, 1999.Tuesday, December 14, 1999, monday, December 13, 1999, sunday, December 12, 1999.

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Ramånen, september 09, 2011 obvious unknown, the favorite word of mathematicians and computer scientists alike.Obvious unknown ( lat : ob vio in front of eyes a situation so clearly, that you can see it in front of your eyes.

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Used when they don't want to go into detail about a component of their paper or proof.Oh, my god, that guy is wearing a long night dress!Sometimes acts to discourage people from asking unwanted questions by making them feel stupid.

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May 11, 2016 buy the domain for your art vlog.Friday, December 17, 1999, thursday, December 16, 1999, wednesday, December 15, 1999."While the, binary, indexed Tree is a data structure designed to implement dynamic cumulative frequency tables, efficiently answering range queries with point updates, given a static array, it is obvious that this is unnecessary, as the table can easily be generated by processing the array.

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Obvious # gay #ramon #ramånen #chips #mom # dad.Buy the mug Buy the tshirt.Bradley: I m feeling great President seeks better implementation of don t ask, don t tell Gore: Bring Cuban boy s dad to Miami on visitor s visa Republicans want.Dad : Bonkers school admissions split up my twins I promise I won t die : last words of teen to Mum.

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