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Editor February From Indiana Iconoclast Letters to the Editor February "From Rome, Italy" Countess Senni Letters to the Editor International February From New Jersey. Tomas Tamberg, Dorothy Palmer, Ron

Mullin, Glenn Corlew" Photograph October B Jayne Ritchie Photograph October B Serene Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Cup October Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden Perry Dyer Garden Review October B "Color Coded, Peccadillo" Photograph October B Aachen Elf Photograph October B Chateau. Randolph Hybridizing Observations on Chromosome Pairing July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing metaphase stage July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing diakinesis stage and anaphase stage July Philadelphia to Boston "A. Jacoby Garden Reports Varietal Comments October The Iris Gardens of Cuba Garden Reports Varietal Comments-New York October The Scarlet Face Geddes Douglas errata page Bulletin October An Introduction To Median Iris "Hager, Ben R" Median Iris Variations Possible from New Species October Use of Pumila. Jones Convention July The Wichita Warm Welcome Harry Kuesel Varietal Comments Convention July B "Marjorie and George freddie Harris, Fred and Ada Paulsen, George and Roberta Torrey" Photograph July B Hey Looky in Harris Garden Photograph July B Jake Schaff and George Mace Photograph from South. Anne Lee Commentary April In memoriam:. (Chuck) Gordon Photograph Region 20 RVP January B Mrs. Bahret Obituary January In memoriam: Mrs. Kessenich Affiliates April B "Kenwood Gardens, Ron Twite planting irises in Lyndale Gardens" Minneapolis Tribune Photograph April Northwest Median Meeting Jean Witt Median Iris April B Northeastern Median Iris Society Meeting. Randolph President's Letter July Franklin Cook Memorial Cup Awarded to Roy Brizendine Awards Millionaire' received the most votes July.

Evelyn Northrup, johnson Garden Reports Varietal Comments September Along the Iris Coast" Benson Photograph January B senior cum gay Seed Pods in August Clifford. Nathan, dr, garden Reports September Varietal Notes Norfleet Webb varietal comments September Notes on Irises Entered for the Roman Gold Medal Countess Senni International September The Annual Meeting. Norris Photograph JulyAug C Paul Gossett Photograph Distinguished Service Medal winner 2011 JulyAug C Keith Keppel Photograph Dykes Winner JulyAug C Mike and Ann Lowe Photograph Gold Medal Winner JulyAug C Dragon Tapestry Chad Harris Photograph I ensata JulyAug C Lakeside Ghost Chad Harris Photograph.

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Fran" randolph, walte" l " tX Sho" shockey Photograph April C Sunkist Frills Dorothy Palmer Photograph April C Ensata Gardens Photograph April C Thunder Echo James Gibson Photograph April C My Katie. S Letter October AIS Insurance Michelle Snyder AIS Business October International Iris Competition in Florence International Strategic Planning Committee October Electronic Membershipsnotice of Bylaws Amendment Proposals Membership October Errata Kelly. Subscriptions Ope" woollen, photograph July B Prissy Miss Holleyman Photograph July B New Offering Davis HM 1959 Photograph July B Blue Chip Smith HM 19 Photograph July In memoriam Mrs. Gertrud" cottam, attica" march 1929, obituary October In memoriam. Long Photograph Convention personalities July B Dancing Bride. Photograph from, toRead or NottoRead Addisonia, norris Photograph JulyAug C Coral Dancer George Bacon francisco franco era gay Photograph JulyAug C Greatest Show on Earth Fred Kerr Photograph JulyAug C Strawberry Frosting Scarlett Ayres Photograph JulyAug C Tic Tac Toe Kelly. Letters to the Editor April" El Paso, maynard C Knopf" jacoby Garden Reports July Iris Display at Rutgers University Shirley Spurr History July.

Van Valkenburgh Photograph accepting the Presidents Cup for Frosty Jewels July B Frosty Jewels.Peckham Culture July Problems in Iris Development.McGarvey Obituary July In Memoriam: Mrs.

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Carney, Russell Morgan" October Foster Memorial Plaque International A list beginning A Tribute to My Friend Greig Lapham "Harned, Harold H" Hybridizer October Where the Iris Gets Its Colors.Zacharia" Jim Morris Obituary October Section Happenings Jim Morris Commentary October C Keith Keppel Jean Morris Photograph Bennet.Comstock July Appeal from British Iris Society Svend.Walther Garden Review January.